Paddling the Emån river

Address: Storgatan 5B, 574 32 Vetlanda Show map

Address: Storgatan 5B, 574 32 Vetlanda

Enjoy the beautiful countryside in Småland as you glide along in a canoe on the river Emån. Nature has the serenity we desire and gives you memories to talk about after your holiday!

Emån is the most valuable watercourse in southern Sweden. The main river channel starts upstream Bodafors, in the Highlands of Småland. From there the water flows 220 km to the Kalmarsund in the Baltic Sea. The whole water system, with all tributaries, consits of more than 800 km of watercourses and more than 950 lakes.

The Emån Canoe Trail starts in the largest tributary, the Solgenån, at Värne and continues in the main channel to the coast. In the area of Vetlanda, the trail passes the villages Skede, Holsbybrunn, Alseda, Ädelfors and Kvillsfors.

On Emåns website, you'll find information about the current water levels in the river.

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