Lannaskede gamla kyrka

Address: Lannaskede gamla kyrka, 570 12 Landsbro Show map

Address: Lannaskede gamla kyrka, 570 12 Landsbro

Lannaskede´s old church is one of Sweden's oldest Romanesque churches, built circa 1150.The curch has influences from the Lund Cathedral. On the southern wall is the old main entrance with its baldachin portal and just inside the entrance is the holy water stoup from the time the church was built.

The church porch has a funerary monument over a magnate, a so-called Eskilstuna coffin with runic inscriptions. The apse has preserved medieval frescos and a medieval window that shows how small the original church windows were.
The organ was bought from Norra Sandsjö in 1775 and is one of the country´s oldest organs in use. It has a so-called Zimbelstern, a small bell instrument.
Externally, the church is decorated with Renaissance-style paintings.
The bell tower was built in 1937.

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